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Central Florida is one of the most beautiful and exciting places in the world that a person can live, which is why Central Florida is blessed with a booming tourism industry that helps power the State’s economy.

Unfortunately, as a side effect of the influx of tourists, combined with an already populous state, the roadways around Central Florida can be a nightmare for drivers, with auto, truck, and motorcycle accidents occurring dozens of times per day around the state. 

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Volusia County Car Accident Statistics 2018 – 2021

Consistently, Volusia County ranks as one of the leading counties in Florida when it comes to number of car accidents and car accident injuries. Intersections in both Daytona Beach and Port Orange routinely rank among the deadliest intersections in the nation. Let’s take a look at some recent Volusia County car accident statistics. 

2021 (1/1 – 7/27) Volusia County Auto Accident Statistics

All Vehicular Crashes: 5,695

Fatalities from All Crashes: 70

Injuries from All Crashes: 4,122

Total Motorcycle Crashes: 317

Total Motorcycle Fatalities: 23

Total Hit and Run Crashes: 1,551

2020 Volusia County Auto Accident Statistics

All Vehicular Crashes: 9,141

Fatalities from All Crashes: 128

Injuries from All Crashes: 6,282

Total Motorcycle Crashes: 452

Total Motorcycle Fatalities: 34

Total Hit and Run Crashes: 2,356

2019 Volusia County Auto Accident Statistics

All Vehicular Crashes: 10,136

Fatalities from All Crashes: 126

Injuries from All Crashes: 6,817

Total Motorcycle Crashes: 475

Total Motorcycle Fatalities: 36

Total Hit and Run Crashes: 2,730

2018 Volusia County Auto Accident Statistics

All Vehicular Crashes: 9,967

Fatalities from All Crashes: 106

Injuries from All Crashes: 6,657

Total Motorcycle Crashes: 503

Total Motorcycle Fatalities: 31

Total Hit and Run Crashes: 2,684

Most Dangerous Roads in Volusia County

While an auto accident can occur on any Volusia County roadway, there are several roads within the County limits, which are particularly dangerous, due to the sheer number of cars speeding down them, particularly during rush hours. 

A recent, large-scale traffic safety study incorporating Volusia and Flagler County data from 2011-2015 analyzed the cause, location, and severity of over 63,000 accidents.

The study pinpointed three roads in the two-county area that are the most dangerous for motorists, based on the number of injurious accidents. Unsurprisingly, the three roads named were: Granada Boulevard and International Speedway Boulevard (ISB) in Daytona, and Dunlawton Avenue in Port Orange.

Daytona Beach Auto Accident Doctor

If you are one of the thousands of auto accident victims in the Volusia County area or elsewhere, it is imperative that you seek medical treatment as soon as possible, regardless of whether you feel pain/discomfort anywhere around the body, headaches, reduced range of motion, or not feeling any symptoms at all, because many underlying injuries can remain pain-free for a period of time, but the damage is done. 

The experienced auto accident chiropractors at Doctor Wagner offer MRI and X-Ray scans to help ascertain the nature and extent of your injuries, and then can create a custom-tailored treatment plan to address your specific injuries. Schedule an appointment with Doctor Wagner today at (386) 888-8888 or contact us online.

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